You live in affluence

Try to forget all the things you lack. How can you feel lonely, impoverished or humiliated when you have the opportunity of using your thoughts to embrace the whole universe and unite with all the light beings that live within it? No one can take these treasures away from you. What does it take to make you understand that you live in affluence, and that you can also help others with this abundance? Seek at least to look at them with love and to send them some beneficial particles from your heart. Not only will you then feel happy and fulfilled, you will no longer feel that you are lacking things.

Learn to be generous and you will become richer. In wanting to take, you instead become poorer. If you become wealthier by giving, it means that you set unknown forces in motion – ones that were dormant and stagnating deep down within. Once you decide to project these forces, they will begin to flow and circulate. You will even ask yourself, ‘How is this possible? I gave and I have found wealth.’ Yes, that is where the mystery of love lies.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov    Daily Meditations