We need to think about light all the time, seek it, drink it and place it above everything else in our life, including all the riches of the world. Whenever you have a free moment, close your eyes and concentrate on the light, see it penetrating everything around you with its blessing.

When you are walking along the street, stop in front of a shop window for a second as though something had caught your eye and concentrate on sending  light inside you….when you start walking again, you will feel better, cleaner and lighter. It is an exercise that can be done while cooking, writing letters, washing, dressing or undressing; you can always stop for an instant and imagine a glowing light in which you and all the rest of the universe are immersed. Clairvoyants say that all creatures and even objects and stones are bathed in light and emanate light themselves.

When we are all meditating together in the silence, put aside all other preoccupations and concentrate on light as if your life depended on it, only light can save you. Bring the light as close as possible, melt into it. Light is all that matters, nothing else is important.

Think of light as white and incandescent. Say with the initiates, ‘I am a particle of a particle of the incandescent soul.’

If you really concentrate on light, you will feel vibrating, throbbing and pulsating about you an ocean of peace, happiness and joy, you will breathe heavenly perfume and hear celestial music, the Cosmic music called the Music of the Spheres, the song of universal life.

There is no better, more worthy, more glorious or effective occupation than thinking about light. if you really want to do something worthwhile, work with light, it is the greatest and noblest work of all.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov   A New Earth