Humans spend much of their time destroying themselves through the way they live and the thoughts, feelings and desires they have. So, they do not love themselves, or rather they don’t love themselves very well. You will ask, ‘So, what do we have to do to love ourselves well?’ Learn to love the Lord first, because in loving God you already love yourself, but it is your higher self, your true self, the self that is a fragment of the Divine.
When we love God, it does not mean we love a being outside of us, but a being that lives within us, which is our sublime self. If we do not love this self, if we do not love God within us, what we love is our lower self. That is what we serve and devote our time and energies to. Then all we do is impoverish ourselves and become weaker, because the lower self is an abyss that swallows up all our energies. A true love of self must pass by way of a love for God. In loving God we love ourselves – our divine part. Thanks to this love we raise ourselves up to the world of beauty, light and freedom.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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