True silence is not simply the absence of noise. True silence is above wisdom, above music; it is the most beautiful of worlds; it is the centre from which stem all creations. True silence is God. And we must frequently make contact with this silence; frequently immerse ourselves in it and try, even, to stop thinking. Once you achieve this silence the most extraordinary peace will flood your being; you may even hear God speaking to you, for it is only in silence and peace that God is willing to speak.

To immerse yourself in silence is an activity that lies beyond the scope of the five senses, beyond feelings, even beyond thought. To attain the realm of silence is to float in an ocean of peace, to live in the intensity and abundance of true life. People sometimes experience this silence after a great upheaval in their lives. It is as though the shock of suffering catapulted them beyond themselves into the realm of the being known to Initiatic Science as the Silent Watcher.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov – The Path of SilenceĀ 

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