A short extract from ‘Know Thyself’:

God is within and without. And the same is true of our higher self; it lives in the sublime regions and also lives within us. But how can we feel the presence of this divine entity which is all-light, all-love and all-powerful? It is difficult of course but we must look within ourselves for signs of that presence, knowing that it is our true self.

It has been said, ‘Know Thyself.’ If a person truly wants to know themself, they have to know themselves up above, in the divine world. Until they are aware of their existence up above as a particle of the Deity, they will not know themselves.

To know oneself means to have found God. By finding God you find love, light, freedom, joy-and not only do you find these things within yourself but also within all human beings and also in animals, in plants and stones. When a person finds God within themself, they discover him everywhere, and this is truly to ‘Know Thyself.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov  Know Thyself Jnani Yoga

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