The video below is based on the booklet Respiration, Key to the Rhythms of the Universe  and Know Thyself Jnana Yoga Part 11 by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.

‘Those who know how to harmonize themselves with the respiration of the cosmos enter into the sphere of divine consciousness. But so many of you are still a long way from understanding the spiritual dimension of respiration! If you were sensitive to that dimension, you would spend your lives working to breathe in the strength and light of God and breathe out that light again to the whole world. For to breathe out is also this: to distribute the light of God that you have drawn into yourself. To breathe in and out… in and out… There is a link between respiration and every manifestation of the spiritual life. Meditation is respiration; prayer is respiration; ecstasy is respiration; every form of communication with heaven is respiration and your breathing reveals the intensity of that exchange. When you are in communion with heaven you breathe deeply as though you were embracing your loved one.’

The video describes breathing exercises recommended by the master including guided practice (to music) of the inhale light method. 

Know Thyself Jnana Yoga

The booklet on respiration can be bought from Prosveta NZ in Auckland. Please see contact us for details.