There will be another renaissance. A new sunlit culture will arise as humans learn to
fully manifest all the potential of their creative Selves, drawing inspiration from the Sun, from nature and from the spiritual science and philosophy of the great Aquarian masters. Values will change when true intelligence and success are measured, not by how much money or status has been acquired, but by the ability to help others, to enlighten, heal, and comfort others, to make them happy and bring them peace.
 Human beings will learn to love and respect the intelligent beings that animate nature and will no longer pollute and ravage the Earth, their mother. There will be new art forms truly expressing the beauties of life, a new education, a new science and a new universal religion, freed from dogma and sectarianism. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov has even described a new way of loving and bringing children into the world, a new way of eating, sleeping and working! As Peter Deunov says in one of his sacred songs:
 “Brothers and sisters, the age of unity is dawning. Forward! Let us create together a glorious future! A future of peace and love”
Napred, napred za slava!
 This article was first published in New Zealand in the Rainbow News 2009 and in A New Dawn, Australia 2010
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