About Us

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OMA Books was conceived as a means to make the books of our teacher, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov accessible to readers in New Zealand.

We have been involved in the importing and distributing of his books since 1994 as the New Zealand distributor of international publishing house PROSVETA.

The name Prosveta is a word from Omraam’s native Bulgarian and refers to the spreading of light.


Omraam gave thousands of lectures, free of charge, over the space of 40 years. He did not write anything himself but the lectures were recorded and edited into the Complete Works. The pocket edition, Izvor, was created several years later and is still an ongoing project.
The lectures were given in French in France, Switzerland and Canada. They have been translated into over 10 other languages apart from English and this, again, is an ongoing process.
We hope our distribution efforts will enable more people in the southern hemisphere, and particularly in New Zealand, to discover the wonderful light and wisdom of this great spiritual master and teacher.

At the New Spirit Festival in Auckland