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The Fruits of the Tree of Life

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The Fruits of the Tree of Life


The Sephirotic Tree, the Tree of Life of the Cabbalah, is an image of the universe, inhabited by God and impregnated with His quintessence.

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1 - How to Approach the Study of the Cabbalah
2 - The Number Ten and the Ten Sephiroth
3 - Structure and Symbols of the Tree of Life
4 - The Tetragrammaton and the Seventy-Two Planetary Spirits
5 - The Creation of the World and the Theory of Emanation
6 - The Fall and Redemption of Man
7 - The Four Elements
8 - Evening Vigils Round the Fire 
I - The Power of Fire
II - Fire and the Sun
III - The Fire of Sacrifice

9 - Water and Fire
10 - A Bowl of Water
11 - The Living Logos
I - The Alphabet and the Twenty-Two Elements of the Logos
II - The Universal Language of the Logos
III - The Power of the Logos

12 - The Esoteric Church of Saint John

13 - Binah, the Realm of Stability
14 - The Human Spirit is Above Fate
15 - Death and the Life Beyond
16 - Human and Cosmic Respiration
17 - The Cardinal Feasts
18 - The Moon and its Influence on Man
19 - The Glorified Souls
20 - The Land of the Living
21 - A Magic Wand
22 - Nature Spirits
23 - Objects are Receptacles of Life
24 - The Holy Grail
25 - Building the Inner Sanctuary

Evolution Towards Light

I speak to you only of yourselves, of realities that exist within you. Even if you are still not aware of their existence and do not fully understand what I am referring to, I know that through my words I am contacting an entity whose only wish is to come into the light. This entity can be compared to a lotus that begins to develop underwater before blossoming on the surface. Things are born, take shape and begin to grow in the darkness of the subconscious. By the time they rise to awareness, they are no longer in their early stage but have almost reached completion, because they have already been in motion for a long time. In the same way, my words awaken in your deepest being a presence, a spiritual entity, which will one day emerge, like the lotus flower, to blossom above water.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov