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Toward a solar civilisation

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Toward a solar civilisation


We are constantly looking for more effective ways of harnessing solar energy: why not look for traces of the sun buried deep in our psychic structure and consequently in human society? The sun exists within each one of us and, if allowed to, can manifest its presence by awakening our consciousness to a global view of human problems

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All those who consciously approach the sun in meditation with the desire to resmble him end by bringing life, warmth and sunlight to others. The others. who sense this. are drawn to them. How can you resist someone who makes you feel alive and full of warmth when you are with them? Everybody avoids those who are cold, dull and lifelessor, if you are forces to be with them you arm yourself against their influence. Look at flowers; at night they close their petals, but in the daytime they open up to the sun. Flowers speak to us. They can tell us a lot. They say, 'You can only open hearts with warmth and light'. But who understands them?

Take the sun as your model. Even later in the day, when you are no longer in the presence of the rising sun, watch yourself, analyse yourself to see whether you are radiating and spreading light, whether you are warming and delighting the hearts of others, whether you are bringing them life. Every minute of the day, ask yourself this, becasue it is your key to perfection.

1 - The Sun, Initiator of Civilization
2 - Surya Yoga
3 - Seeking the Centre
4 - The Sun our Provider
5 - The Solar Plexus
6 - Man is Made in the Image of the Sun
7 - The Spirits of the Seven Lights
8 - The Sun as our Model
9 - The True Solar Religion